3 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Palette for Exterior Walls

19 January 2021
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It is easier to get away with substandard indoor paintwork than outdoor blunders. The reason is that the paint palette you choose for exterior walls can affect an entire street. It puts a lot of pressure on new painters since they have to get it right the first time. Besides, several factors, such as landscaping, roofing, and local ordinances, come into play when selecting paint palettes. Here are straightforward tips for choosing the right exterior paints.

Test with Brush-Outs -- A paint chip is a new painter's best friend when painting a room since it makes it easy to select the right paint shade. However, interior walls are different from exterior surfaces because of natural light. The shade of a particular paint can vary significantly during the day, depending on the sun's position. Your objective is to choose paint whose shade does not change considerably regardless of the time of day. Rather than rely on your paint chip when painting exterior walls, test the paint first. For instance, paint brush-outs of different shades on the exterior wall of your client's home. Once the brush-outs are dry, study how they change at different times of the day. It will help you establish the correct shade that your client will be happy with for years.

Consider Elements Hardest to Change -- Exterior components of a property, such as a roof, a driveway, a curb, or stonework, are difficult to change unless you are conducting major renovations. It is vital to consider such components when helping clients choose paint palettes for their home's exterior walls. Are the undertones warm or cool? If a driveway or curb features earthy hues, such as khaki or rust, you should choose a paint colour that blends both aspects harmoniously. In this case, a beige palette will do the trick. Similarly, a black paint palette will suffice if pathways and a fence have blue undertones.

Consider Architectural Style -- Most homeowners do not know that the architectural style of their house determines the paint palette for external walls. However, a new painter cannot afford to make such a mistake. Therefore, you first need to understand the architectural style before choosing a paint colour for exterior walls. Most importantly, the exterior paint scheme you select must match the design. Most paint manufacturers stock collections of historic architectural colours, which you can use to make the paint palette selection process easy.

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