Various Ways an Exterior Painter Can Give Your Residence a Facelift

30 December 2020
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The moment the exterior of your house starts to look worse for wear, it immediately has an adverse effect on the overall appearance of your property. And even with a well-manicured lawn, stained or faded exterior walls detract from all the landscaping efforts that you have made. Fortunately, an exterior painter can help with restoring the visual appeal of your residence. However, rather than focus solely on updating the appearance of your exterior walls, you should also pay attention to other elements, as this adds a sense of cohesion throughout the entire property while simultaneously bolstering its value! If you are unconvinced, check out the following ways an exterior painter can give your residence a facelift. 

Elevate the trim

The trim is one of the most overlooked elements of a house, yet this decorative detais can go a long way in enhancing the kerb appeal of the property. When the paint on the door frame, window edges, roof soffits, fascia and more is faded, discoloured or chipped, it can be difficult to notice the architectural details that went into the design of the exterior. Hence, the house loses its unique character. A good exterior painter will be able to make these components pop by employing several techniques. For instance, they could choose to paint the trim in a colour that contrasts the walls of the house, and this works to make these elements stand out without looking out of place. On the other hand, the professional painter can make your house appear bigger by creating the illusion of depth, which would entail employing a complementary colour on the trim.

Spruce up exterior features

A presumption that some homeowners have regarding exterior painting is that it is solely limited to their primary structure. In truth, all the various features that your front and back yard comprise contribute to the aesthetic of your residence. Hence, overlooking their appearance will detract from the efforts you have made to improve your main house. When assessing the state of your property, you should also take into account features such as the balustrading, landscape lighting, stairs and more! For instance, if you have a raised porch and the stairs leading up to it as well as the railings enclosing it are looking worse for wear, your exterior painter can pick a bold hue to add a pop of colour to these features. Other areas that should not be disregarded include your mailbox, outdoor shutters, flower planters and so on. For these elements, consider a glossy paint that will add lustre, which works to make them look brand new.