Making a Small Bathroom Appear Larger Through Paint

21 August 2020
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As important as the bathroom is, it may be small and thus create a clustered or uncomfortable feel during use. The good news is that you can make a small bathroom appear larger and more inviting by applying the right paint colours.

Bright and bold options compensate for low-light situations while adding comfort and style. You can also coordinate paint colours with window placement to enhance the impact of natural light. Are you wondering where to start when painting your bathroom to achieve this effect? Here are some useful tips to consider.

Use bright colours for open spaces

If you have an open wall in the bathroom, consider applying a bright colour that creates warmth. Even small spaces will feel inviting if the colour used is warm and cool.

White paint is the gold standard for creating a welcoming theme, but you can also experiment with light blue, red, and yellow. The goal is to have a continuous feel on the wall to create an illusion of space. This reduces the clustered nature of smaller bathrooms and makes it more inviting.   

Coordinate the paint colour with incoming light from windows

If you have a window that allows natural light to enter, you can coordinate various paint colours to make the room feel larger. For example, beige is an excellent choice for walls that are opposite from the bathroom window. They reflect light well and create an uplifting theme within a small space.

You can also apply light-blue or purple paint on the same wall that your window is located. These colours blend seamlessly with natural light to enhance the airy and spacious theme that you're looking for.

Take advantage of reflections

Reflections make a small room appear larger. Along with the colours mentioned so far, consider installing a mirror in strategic areas of the bathroom space. For example, your medicine cabinet or the inner surface of your main door should have mirrors installed to enhance reflections. This is an excellent solution for bathrooms that don't have windows or don't receive enough natural light. Combining mirror placement with uplifting colours (such as red, pink, blue, white, or purple) will turn a small bathroom into a welcoming area.

Coordinate your walls and ceilings

Walls aren't the only surfaces that can be painted to create an illusion of space. Consider coordinating the bathroom ceiling colours with your walls for a more complete look. You can use the same colour or mix and match various shades. For example, a darker blue paint will complement light blue walls. A light green ceiling also blends well with bright white walls.

For the best results, consider eliminating clutter from your bathroom. Minimise how much stuff you hang on racks or inside shower spaces, and place such items inside shelving or cabinets.

For more information, contact a local painter.