Vital Considerations When Selecting Car Line Marking Paints

11 June 2020
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Road markings for cars, cyclists, and pedestrian sidewalks are beneficial for an orderly society. For instance, confusion reigns supreme in parking facilities and roads with illegible line markings, and many accidents are reported. However, the selection of line marking paints is not as straightforward as people might imagine. Besides, the practice is highly regulated. Here are a few tips regarding the selection of line marking paints.


Car park lines are an essential traffic requirement that is regulated by different laws and ordinances. However, most people assume that when you want to mark a road or parking facility, you only need to pick a roller and get down to work. Notably, all regions have specifically outlined statures to guide a line marking exercise. For example, some states stipulate that only bright paints might be used to mark car and bike lanes. Therefore, exercise due diligence before committing resources to the purchase of line marking paints.

Type of Traffic

A common mistake that most people make is assuming that all line marking paints are a one-size-fits-all product. Before settling for a particular paint, consider the type of vehicles that frequent your premises. For instance, oil-based paints are ideal for parking facilities and roads that experience low traffic. On the other hand, areas with heavy traffic from trucks and commercial vehicles require special paints such as thermoplastics to enhance visibility and durability. Besides, the rate of wear for such paints is low.


Car park lines can be utilised as an effective marketing strategy. In regions where the law is flexible regarding road lines, individuals or businesses should select a paint that is aligned with their brand colours. Since a parking area is usually the first stop for many customers, a business owner should ensure that the perception of visitors is influenced from the onset. One way to achieve brand visibility is to select bright colours that reflect an organisations image.  

Environmental Concerns

Gone are the days when one would paint without considering the impact of their actions on the environment. Nowadays, businesses do not want customers to associate their brand with a lack of concern for the environment. Before painting a parking lot or road, confirm whether the paints are harmful to the environment or bio-degradable. Ideally, individuals or corporate entities should opt for green paints. Most importantly, water-based paints are the best option since they contain less toxic chemicals compared to thermoplastic paints.

To get help with car park lines, contact a line paint supplier near you.