Try these top 4 colours when painting a small bathroom space

10 June 2020
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Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. Small bathroom spaces may feel cramped, uncomfortable and uninviting. But if you don't have enough resources to invest in a full bathroom remodel, adding a fresh coat of paint is an effective option.

There are specific paint colours that make small rooms appear larger. These colours consist of bright and neutral tones that radiate off your walls while adding a more immersive experience to your bathroom. You would be surprised to see just how effective a fresh coat of paint can be. Try these 4 interior paint colours to make your small bathroom appear (or feel) larger.

Plain white

One of the most popular options for bathroom colours is plain white. Plain white is uplifting, clean and stylish. It also creates a uniform appearance across your bathroom space, blending all 4 walls with your ceiling and floors. The key to making this colour work is using a bright-white shade and ensuring that your ceiling and walls are of the exact same colour.  

Furthermore, avoid clutter inside your bathroom and leave as much of the wall surface area open as possible. You can do this by keeping bathroom supplies stored inside cabinet spaces and cleaning your walls regularly after the paint job is complete. Another useful option is to blend the tiles of your shower space with the colour of your walls.  

Light grey

If you're not a fan of white, you can achieve a similar effect by using light-grey tones. Grey creates a perfect balance between light absorbance and reflectance. It also radiates a warm, refreshing and inviting tone that's necessary anytime you enter your bathroom.

The refreshing nature of grey tones makes a small bathroom appear larger, not to mention that this colour is much easier to maintain.


For those looking to express themselves, a bold colour is also suitable for a small bathroom. The secret is using a bright option such as orange, which appears natural and relaxing. Orange is also easily visible throughout the room, and it can draw your attention to hidden corners or otherwise underserved sections of the bathroom.

Regardless of the time of day, orange creates an illusion of space and makes your tiny bathroom more welcoming to the entire family.

Sky blue

There's a reason why many people use blue to paint their bathrooms. The blue colour blends seamlessly with bathroom components such as shower spaces, floors, tiles and sinks. It also blends with many different types of lighting, giving you more freedom to install unique fixtures within your small bathroom space.  

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