Factors to Remember As You Pick Commercial Waterproofing Paint

22 January 2020
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Concrete wall dampness, leaky roofs and other types of water entries in a commercial building can easily cause extensive damages to your commercial property. For this reason, you must take the necessary measures to prevent the damages to avoid incurring extra expenses on repairs and restoration once the damage is done.

One of the reliable options you can consider to prevent water damage is to apply commercial waterproofing paint on the exterior surfaces of your structure. However, you have to select the right kind of paint for this project to attain your objective.

What you should know about waterproofing paint

Waterproofing paint is also referred to as hydrophobic coating or paint and is designed to be a hundred percent water repellent. Once applied on the wall, the paint will form a sturdy protective layer to protect the building from direct water penetration.

So, whenever water hits the painted surface, it will quickly run off instead of seeping into the concrete, hence preventing wall staining. Experts also suggest that waterproofing paint acts as an insulator since it ensures that water doesn't penetrate the walls into the interior parts of your commercial space. This means that the walls won't become damp.

Here are factors you should consider as you pick your commercial waterproofing paint.


Before you hit the stores, it's important to note that some waterproofing paints can lock up water or moisture that's in the wall, while others will let the moisture evaporate whenever it gets hot. Therefore, if your commercial building is constructed with bricks or concrete, some moisture might be locked in, and the ideal coating is the breathable one – it will allow the water or moisture to evaporate so the walls can stay dry and last longer.


Every property owner wants to invest in things that will offer them value for their money, and this should apply to waterproof paint too. The coating you select for your exterior surface should be capable of lasting long. No one wants to keep repainting their commercial building after a few months as this will be too costly. Therefore, consider talking to the store assistants to know the paints that can last long. Remember, its composition determines that paint durability.

Most people think that expensive waterproof paints are more durable but that's not necessarily the case. Just compare prices from different suppliers, and you will get the paint you need at a reasonable cost. Speak with a professional who provides commercial waterproofing services for more information.