3 tips for adding a coat of paint to your bathroom cabinets

22 January 2020
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Your bathroom will need regular care so it can remain comfortable and stylish. However, bathroom renovations often cost more than you would expect. If you don't yet have the money to install a new spa-type shower or a smart toilet, you can still breathe life into the bathroom space by painting your cabinet doors.

Bathroom cabinets are markedly different from other cabinets in your home. This is because bathroom cabinets serve as extra storage space, medicine holders, elements of style and mirrors for this part of the home. Adding a fresh coat paint to the cabinet doors can make a significant difference in your bathroom. Wondering where to start? Read on to find out.

1. Start by choosing a type of paint

Even before touching a paintbrush, you should know that not every type of paint is the same. Glossy paints are an excellent choice if your cabinets undergo heavy use on a daily basis. They're easy to clean and sanitise, especially if you have young kids in the home.

Melamine-based paints are another popular option due to their excellent durability. They also come in many different colours, which gives you more freedom to experiment with multiple themes. Water-based paints might be the least desirable option for your bathroom cabinets because they easily stain and chip within a short period.  

2. Next comes the colour

Another decision to make is the colour that works best for your bathroom. If you already have a theme that runs throughout your bathroom space, you may have an easier time settling on a colour choice. For example, bathrooms that have a beachside theme will work well with light, bold colours such as sky blue, yellow and orange.

If you're looking for a new theme to use in your bathroom, consider how the space currently looks. A smaller bathroom will work better with neutrals (such as white and grey), while a larger space allows you to experiment with multiple shades. This is especially true if you plan to spray the colours onto your cabinets as opposed to using a brush.  

3. Prepare the cabinet doors correctly

For DIY projects, you should be aware of how to prepare your cabinet doors. In most cases, you'll need to remove them from their hinges, sand the surface to remove existing paint and fix any physical damage. After all, doors are levelled, smooth and paint-free, you can begin adding the new coat based on your desired theme. You should also give your doors enough time to dry (typically 1–3 days) after painting them.

If you need help with this process, consider letting painters help you pick and apply paint colours to your cabinets.