Two Reasons Not to Lend a Hand When You Hire Painters

14 January 2020
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If the paint on your home's walls needs to be refreshed and you have reached out to some painters and asked them to tackle this task, it is important to allow them to do this without any interference. Whilst you might find the idea of lending them a hand quite appealing because it might get the job done faster, your good intentions probably won't lead to positive results. Here are two reasons why you shouldn't help out.

The painters will probably be using trade paint

Unless you specifically asked them to use a particular brand of retail paint, the painters will most likely use a trade paint. If the painters are using a specialty paint, you should step aside and let them get on with their work, rather than grabbing a paintbrush.

The main reason for this is that products like Haymes trade paint are quite different from the type of retail paints that you are likely to have used to paint walls in the past. Due to the fact that trade paints like this usually have a high spread rate and feature a high proportion of pigment particles (i.e., a little bit of paint goes a very long way), they can and should be used with a light hand. If you're accustomed to using retail paint, you may find it hard to do this and may end up slapping on far more paint than is really needed. This could lead to you wasting the painters' valuable supply of trade paint and creating a deeper or richer hue on the walls than you originally wanted.

You may create mismatched-looking walls

If you offer to paint, for example, two walls in your living room and get the painters to do the other two, you may not like the results you end up producing. The reason for this is that there will probably be a big disparity between the quality of the walls that you paint and the ones that the painters work on.

The contrast between your walls, which might have blisters in some places, ugly streaks in other areas and old stains on the sections where you didn't add enough coats, and the painters walls, which will be evenly coated, with perfect edges and no streaks, could be very jarring, so much so that you would probably have to admit defeat and get them to redo your walls.

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