Vital Considerations When Selecting Car Line Marking Paints

11 June 2020
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Road markings for cars, cyclists, and pedestrian sidewalks are beneficial for an orderly society. For instance, confusion reigns supreme in parking facilities and roads with illegible line markings, and many accidents are reported. However, the selection of line marking paints is not as straightforward as people might imagine. Besides, the practice is highly regulated. Here are a few tips regarding the selection of line marking paints. Law Car park lines are an essential traffic requirement that is regulated by different laws and ordinances. Read More 

Try these top 4 colours when painting a small bathroom space

10 June 2020
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Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. Small bathroom spaces may feel cramped, uncomfortable and uninviting. But if you don't have enough resources to invest in a full bathroom remodel, adding a fresh coat of paint is an effective option. There are specific paint colours that make small rooms appear larger. These colours consist of bright and neutral tones that radiate off your walls while adding a more immersive experience to your bathroom. Read More 

Revamp Your Home With 3 Interior Residential Painting Ideas

9 June 2020
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Your interior's paint is one of the most influential components of your home's design. The colours you choose can affect a room's luminosity, the mood of its visitors and the aesthetic appeal of the rest of your furniture. Therefore, you will need to know how to choose the right paints and colours to best complement your house's structure, installations and geographical location. Here's everything you should know. A Splash Of Colour Dresses Up Your Interiors Without Breaking The Bank Read More 

Ways to Use Paint to Enhance Your Home

27 January 2020
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A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to enliven your home. But you can also use paint in more specific ways to achieve particular aims. Here are several ideas. Highlight Architectural Features Your home might feature a beautiful mantlepiece or stair railing. If you paint these elements in a neutral colour that blends them with nearby wall hues, they'll tend to disappear into the background. Make the most of such architectural flourishes by covering them in a contrasting tone to turn them into stand-out accents. Read More 

The Key to Painting Your Home on a Budget: Start Small

24 January 2020
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If your home is looking dull and in need of a makeover, a fresh coat of paint will certainly help. Painting with the right colour gives your home a new life and makes a big difference to your mood. However, painting the entire home is a time-consuming process and requires proper planning. And if you're on a budget, painting your home from wall to wall may not be practical. The good news is that you can still create an impact in your home by painting strategic areas. Read More