Ways to Use Paint to Enhance Your Home

27 January 2020
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A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to enliven your home. But you can also use paint in more specific ways to achieve particular aims. Here are several ideas.

Highlight Architectural Features

Your home might feature a beautiful mantlepiece or stair railing. If you paint these elements in a neutral colour that blends them with nearby wall hues, they'll tend to disappear into the background. Make the most of such architectural flourishes by covering them in a contrasting tone to turn them into stand-out accents. 

Create Consistency

You might not want to paint all the rooms in your home the one colour. For instance, you might prefer soothing blues in the bedroom and bright yellows in the kitchen. In open-plan spaces, diverse shades can prevent monotony from taking hold. One way to hold the overall design together is to paint the trimmings, windows and doors the same colour. This way, you can enjoy diversity without your home imparting a jumbled feel.

Add an Accent Wall

In a boxy room, you can use paint to create a sense of dimension. An accent wall breaks up the uniformity of a square room. In an L-shaped space, create a cosy nook using darker or deeper colours. Or, you can create an accent wall behind a beautiful fireplace surrounds to attract attention to this feature, which will then pop even if neutrally toned. 

Design a Classic Feel

For a timeless effect, paint classic vertical strips across your walls. Combine two contrasting colours, such as cream and navy, or stick with one hue and vary the finishes like matte and eggshell. An advantage of vertical stripes is they make the ceiling appear higher for a more grand feel. 

Disguise Imperfections

Use paint to hide the flaws on walls that are uneven or imperfect. For a start, use a matte finish, as gloss paint tends to highlight dents or irregularities. Next, add a decorative treatment, such as sponge painting, to create texture that camouflages the wall issues. Sponge painting typically involves two colours; sponges either add or remove the second hue to create a mottled, organic look. Your interior painting services can make the effect more subtle or pronounced by applying similar or contrasting shades.

While painting is the perfect way to freshen your entire home, you can use it for specific purposes. For more information or design advice, contact local interior painting services.